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Why did I become a personal trainer?

I became a trainer because I wanted tohelp save livesfrom illness, depression, diseases, obesity, and other health issues.I became a trainer toempower people and families of all typesthat need help or need motivation to reach a new lifestyle. God has shown me that training is my calling and I need to use it to the best of my ability.My passion is to influence people to get in shape, not just physically, but mentally,emotionally and spiritually. I enjoy teaching othershow to use physical fitness to bring families and friends together. My journey on this path began after I graduated from college with a computer science degree. While working out at the YMCA, a classmate who was a staff member at the gym encouraged me to become a trainer. Without hesitation, I agreed to start by teaching one class.This was a new experience for me. I stepped out on faith and once I began the class my talents took over. I started the first class with five people and by the second week, my class was full. The class was so full that a second-class had to be added immediately following the first class. The overwhelming support gave me the confidence to pursue a career in fitness training. I was in great demand to teach classes and to substitute for other instructors. I love being a trainer!Through my work as a trainer, I have seen so manypositivechanges in a range of ages fromsenior citizens, young adults,teenagers, and children. I have witnessed positive changes in students, schools, communities, and parents to name a few. The beauty of being a trainer is learning about my clients and helping them to reach their personal goals. Being a personal trainer brings me tremendous joy and satisfaction.

I am blessed to share my God given talents with my clients to help them reach their highest potential.


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